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Using SQLite to Bypass the 2 GB .DBF Filesize Limit
Table of Contents

1. Preface
-- History
-- New version
-- Feedback and corrections
References and acknowledgments

2. Acknowledgements

3. About the Author

4. Downloads 'N Other Stuff

5. SQLite: The Perfect Tool for Handling Large Datafiles
Getting around the limit
Importing very large files

6. Problems, Schmroblems
The desired scenario
Problems, schmroblems
The solution

7. The Game Plan
Set up the environment
Develop a test data set
Import the test data set and verify
Import the whole data set

8. Pieces of SQLite
The SQLite ODBC driver
The SQLite Shell
The SQLite DLL
The SQLite Analyzer

9. Learning the Command Line Shell
Types of Shell commands
Shell "dot" commands
Shell SQL commands
Working with databases in the Shell
Working with tables in the Shell
Manipulating data in the Shell
Retrieving data in the Shell

10. Importing and Exporting
Importing text files
Exporting data

11. Connecting Visual FoxPro to SQLite
Installing the SQLite ODBC driver
Connecting to SQLite from VFP
Initial tests with VFP and SQLite

12. Error Handling
SQLite needs the database name and path
Typographic errors
Gathering error information
An alternative to AERROR()

13. Prerequisites

14. Create a SQLite Database and Table

15. Import the Data
More schmroblems
Another tool for our toolkit

16. Preparing a Test Table
17. Naming Conventions

18. Slicing and Dicing
Matching character strings
Matching numeric values
Matching dates
Matching logical values

19. Quick Reference
Use the SQLite Command Line Shell to...
Talk to SQLite from VFP
Matching Syntax

20. Comparison of VFP/SQLite Functions
Language differences
Engine differences
Implementation differences
Source code

21. Source Code for this Book

22. Where to go for More Help

* eof