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Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 7.0

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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
Updates, FAQs & Errata

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by Tamar E. Granor, Ted Roche, Doug Hennig, Della Martin
Edited by 

ISBN: 1-930919-22-0
Length: 500 pages
Formats Available: Printed (incl. ebook) or Ebook only
Printed book format: Paperback, 7"x9"
Ebook format: CHM (4.3 MB)
Price ($US): 69.95
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Press date: April, 2002

Printed book availability: In Stock & Shipping
Ebook availability: Complete & Ready for Download
Source code: Complete & Ready for Download (44K)

An irreverent look at how Visual FoxPro really works. Tells you the inside scoop on every command, function, property, event and method of Visual FoxPro 7.0. The eagerly awaited revision to the Hackerís Guide for Visual FoxPro 6.0, this completely updated book is the one youíll keep by your side for as long as you develop in Visual FoxPro.

New for HackFox 7.0:

1. Section 4 (the command & function reference) is only included in the CHM file that can be downloaded from Thus, the printed book will be about 420 pages in 7x9 format (about the size of Office Automation.)

2. If you own HackFox 6.0, you can 'upgrade' to HackFox 7.0 ($10 discount) via the online order form available at If you bought directly from Hentzenwerke Publishing, the upgrade will automatically appear on the order form. If you bought elsewhere, you'll need your book when you order in order to provide proof of purchase. (This offer does not apply to HackFox 3.0.) The upgrade price is good only through April 15, 2002.

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