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Send and Receive Your Domain Email with Gmail

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Table of Contents
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by Whil Hentzen
Edited by Ted Roche

ISBN: 978-1-930919-10-5
Length: 150 pages
Formats Available: Printed (incl. ebook) or Ebook only
Printed book format: Paperback, 6"x9"
Ebook format: PDF (5 MB)
Price ($US): 19.95 (printed+ebook) $10.00 (ebook)
Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Weight: 1.1 lbs.
Press date: March, 2016

Printed book availability: In Stock and Shipping
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Source code: Complete and Available for Download

2020 is fast approaching. Yet with nearly ubiquitous access to the Web, and thus (theoretically) to the mail store on the company server as well as personal email whereever it may be stored, most people are still using either their provider's web interface or a third party email client.

We need more functionality, via more devices. After all, we're not just using a full size computer for access. It's our desktop computer (maybe), our notebook, our tablet, and our phone. Maybe our Xbox, our PS2, our Wii. We want access to our email via all of these devices.

Webmail interfaces typically don't work well, if at all, on those devices, due to small screen form factors. And you can forget about using your email client that stores email locally. You want to use Gmail's interface instead because it will allow you to access your email from wherever you are, on whatever device you happen to be using.

This book will show you a variety of ways to use Gmail with your own domain. Many scenarios are covered, ranging from one address on one domain to multiple addresses on multiple domains. In every case, you'll learn how to log into Gmail's interface and send and receive email with your own domain's addresses.

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