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Advanced Object Oriented Programming with Visual FoxPro 6.0

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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
Updates, FAQs & Errata

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by Markus Egger
Edited by Malcolm C. Rubel

ISBN: 0-96550-938-9
Length: 416 pages
Formats Available: Printed (incl. ebook) or Ebook only
Printed book format: Paperback, 7"x9"
Ebook format: PDF (5.8 MB), CHM (2.7 MB)
Price ($US): 49.95
Weight: 1.9 lbs.
Press date: April, 1999

Printed book availability: In Stock & Shipping
Ebook availability: Complete & Ready for Download
Source code: Complete & Ready for Download (1.1 MB)

Looking for that perfect book that combines the proper amounts of OOP theory and real-world practical wisdom, all from the Visual FoxPro point of view? Look no further. You know how to create your own base classes, and you know that VFP doesn’t support multiple inheritance. But you’re looking for a guiding hand to take you to the next step. Covers multi-tiered architecture, OO design patterns, object metrics, and a whole section on OO requirements, modeling, and design, including the UML.

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