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These whitepapers are copyright of the author, and some rights are reserved. These works are licensed under one of the Creative Commons Licenses. See each individual whitepaper for the specifics. More information is available at The Creative Commons website.

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Date Subject Title (click on whitepaper title for details)
2003/12/19LinuxA Pragmatic Approach to Linux Partitions
2003/12/1NetworkingAccessing Shares on a Windows Computer from a Linux Workstation
2004/1/31LinuxCapturing Screenshots on Linux
2004/6/17LinuxCron Explained
2006/11/21InternetDNS Explained
2007/02/06LinuxDual Boot with Fedora Core 6 and Windows XP
2004/12/12LinuxFedora Core 3 Installation & Customization
2004/7/28LinuxFrom GUI to Text: A Windows User's Guide to Using Linux w/o a GUI
2004/1/29LinuxInstalling Fedora Core 1
2004/8/2MySQLInstalling MySQL via RPMs
2004/1/17LinuxInstalling Multiple Linux Distributions on a Single Box
2003/12/14LinuxInstalling True Type Fonts on a Linux Computer
2007/11/10LinuxLinux Graphical Disk Space Tools
2003/9/1LinuxLinux Installfest FAQ
2004/4/26LinuxLinux Network Printing with JetDirect
2006/11/17LinuxManaging Linux Services with chkconfig
2007/12/05LinuxReconfiguring the MBR for Multiple Installations
2006/10/21LinuxResetting the Root Password in Linux
2006/11/04Linux Root, SU and SUDO
2006/12/9LinuxSetting Up a Software Developer's Workstation on Fedora Core 6
2004/7/17ApacheSetting Up Virtual Hosts in Apache (A Tutorial for Windows Web Admins)
2007/8/14 NetworkingSSH: Using and Securing
2006/8/22LinuxSuSE 10.1 Setup
2008/2/25MobileSynchronizing Your Palm Treo with Google Calendar
2004/8/26NetworkingThe Ten Minute Guide to Setting Up a Linux File Server
2004/7/7ApacheThe Ten Minute Guide to Setting Up a Linux Web Server
2004/5/10LinuxThe Top Ten Command Windows Tips
2004/3/3LinuxUpdating Fedora Core
2004/6/1SourceSafeUsing SourceSafe to Maintain a SourceSafe Database
2006/10/22 LinuxWhen X Dies: How to Kill and Restart X Windows

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