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Resources - Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke

Wanna write or edit a book? Here's all you need to know about how the publishing process works here.

Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke
Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke

Want to write or edit for us? Well that's good! Cuz I'm always looking for folks for future books. But to start out, ya gotta know how the process works.

In the set of links to the left, I describe just about everything you might want to know about Hentzenwerke Publishing: info about the company, how the publishing industry works, how we're different, and how the proposal/writing/editing process works. This is pretty long (about 20 pages), so you may want to print it out.

Note that in the pages that follow, I sometimes use "I" and sometimes use "we". I'm really not confused about how many people I am, nor am I trying to impress someone by pretending to be more than reality (like when John Smith and Associates ends up being John Smith and his cat.) Rather, while Hentzenwerke Publishing consists of me (and the dog), I rely on a wide number of independent contractors - authors, editors, artists, layout folks, indexers - and other entities - printers, shippers, distributors, wholesalers, sales reps - to produce the final result of a book. Last time I checked, there were some 80 people and companies regularly getting a check for work they do for Hentzenwerke Publishing. So when I say 'I', I mean me, personally, and when I say "we", I'm referring to the whole collection of characters involved in the process of putting a book in the reader's hands.

Once you're done, you should have all the information you need to submit a proposal or offer your services as an editor. If there's still a question on your mind, email me here.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Whil Hentzen

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