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Fun - Sneak Preview of Outlook 2010

As many of you know, just because Microsoft has $40,000,000,000 in cash and short term securities doesn't mean that they're insensitive to the economic flakiness that's been driving the rest of us bonkers. In a show of solidarity, they've been doing some tightening of the belt themselves as well. One place they've decided to cut costs is in the area of superfluous dialogs and tabs. For example, the 2010 version of Outlook will not have any tabs in any dialog. Instead, they're combining all settings into one screen, saving the company untold millions, which will undoubtedly be passed onto customers in the form of higher quality and lower prices. One of our spies took a high-speed camera to a test race track, hid in the bushes, and grabbed some early snapshots of the new Settings dialog that combines all of the various options and settings in the dozens of Accounts and Preferences dialogs currently in the product.

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