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Download source code, ebooks, conference materials and other goodies.

Hentzenwerke downloads
Free downloads
Hentzenwerke downloads

Download source code and ebooks for Hentzenwerke books

Most Hentzenwerke books come with either source code files, ebook version, or both. (The catalog page for each book describes which files are available for that particular book.)

Our Download server will be down for an indefinite amount of time. Meanwhile, if you need downloads for a book, please email us here:

books /at/ hentzenwerke /dot/ com

Please include the titles and where you bought them.

Free downloads

FoxPro/Visual FoxPro icon set

Tired of the same old icon for each version of Fox? So are we. So here's a custom icon set for versions of Fox going back over a decade: White Fox for 2.6/DOS, Sunglasses for 2.6/Win, Taz Devil for 3.0, Roadrunner for 5.0, Tahoe for 6.0, Sedona for 7.0, Toledo for 8.0, and Europa for 9.0.

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Programming VFP 3.0 files

Source code for Whil Hentzen's Programming VFP 3.0 book, published by Ziff Davis. (971K)

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Pros Talk Fox

Source code for The Pros Talk Fox, edited by Whil Hentzen. (1391K)

Download all four files here.
Download OOP files here.
Download Client-Server files here.
Download Form Designer files here.
Download Data Dictionary files here.
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Access 2000 From the Ground Up files

Source code for Whil Hentzen's Access 2000 From the Ground Up, published by Osbourne. (1247 K)

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The 17 Dreaded Questions for FoxPro 2.x

The original "17 Dreaded Questions" that were cooked up in a Toronto pub in the early '90's, and that have tormented job seekers for years. (3K)

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The 24 Dreaded Questions for Visual FoxPro

Same as the '17', but updated. (7K)

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