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Ted Roche

Ted Roche

Ted Roche learned to program BASIC on a PDP-4 at the age of 15. He was conferencing and IM'ing on the Dartmouth Time Sharing System in the late 1970s. (IM and chat rooms are old. So's Ted.) He shipped his first commercial app in 1978, which ran on a WANG 2200. His first public domain software was a quad-density Epson printer driver for the Commodore 64 GEOS operating system, hand-coded in 6502 assembler. Amigas were his favorite computers, although PCs are getting better. He ran the electrical plant on a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine until the Russians gave up, and then there wasn't any challenge in it any more. He has coded with "ohs."

Ted Roche is the owner of Ted Roche & Associates, a software development and consulting company based in Contoocook, New Hampshire USA. TR&A develops and maintains database-intensive web sites and rich-client applications for clients in a range of industries from wholesale commodities to produce to financial services, manufacturing and insurance. Software at TR&A is produced in the presence of nuts. A former nine-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Ted now spends his time developing Free / Open Source solutions using Linux, Apache. MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python and Ruby. If you'd like to contact Ted for help on your project, his contact information can be found at

Ted is author of Essential SourceSafe, co-author of the award-winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro series, and a contributor to five other FoxPro books. He wrote 50 monthly Q&A columns for "FoxPro Advisor" and lead articles for that magazine and much-missed FoxTalk technical journal. After serving as lead author for the FoxPro Distributed exam (along with fellow lead author Whil Hentzen), Ted passed the tests to be a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (in the Visual Studio 6 era) and Microsoft Certified System Engineer (Windows NT). He currently holds a MySQL Core Certification and has held past certifications as First Responder, Senior Lifesaver, CPR, NASDS SCUBA diver and Throttleman.

In his spare time, Ted is the leader of the Central New Hampshire Linux User group and a board member of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group,

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