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Dealing with Reserved Words Used as Data Names in a Visual FoxPro Application
Table of Contents

1. Preface
-- History
-- New version
-- Feedback and corrections
References and acknowledgments

2. About the Author

3. The Crux of the Problem

4. Defining Reserved Words
Reserved words vs keywords
Our list of reserved words

5. Problems, Problems, Problems
Problem 1: SQL statement fails
Problem 2: Failed words work interactively
Problem 3: Some reserved words do work
Problem 4: Inconsistency across statements
Problem 5: Inconsistency within a statement
Problem 6: Errors vary

6. Scope of Analysis
DDL - data definition language
DML - data manipulation language
xBase language constructs
Being smart about testing

7. The Testing Infrastructure
Folder structure
RW table

8. Populating RW.DBF Flags
Illegal words for tablename
Illegal characters in table name
Illegal characters in field name
Reserve word is too long
The spirit of the law, not just the letter
Summary of results

9. The Table Name Tests
General notes
The Tests

10. The Field Name Tests
General notes
The Tests

11. Why All The Fuss?
Table Names
Field Names

12. Your To Do List
Your Action Plan

13. Source Code for this Book

14. Where to go for More Help

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