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Dealing with Reserved Words Used as Data Names in a Visual FoxPro Application

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by Whil Hentzen
ISBN: 978-1-930919-75-4
Length: 40 pages, 
Formats Available: Ebook only
Printed book format: N/A
Ebook format: PDF (750 K)
Price ($US): 10.00
Weight: 0.0 lbs.
Press date: August, 2013, 

Printed book availability: N/A
Ebook availability: Complete & Ready for Download
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Reserved words used as table and field names in .DBF files can cause a number of problems. Having been tripped up in the past by this myself, I did a detailed analysis of reserved words that are likely to cause problems for most folks. Then I came up with strategies to deal with the various situations that can be encountered.

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