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FoxRockX Single Issue, November/December, 2011 (No. 23)

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Authors:  Pradip Acharya,

Length: 24 pages (A4)
Formats Available: Printed (incl. electronic) or Electronic only
Printed format: A4 (210x297 mm or 8.3x11.7 in)
Electronic format: PDF
Single Issue Price ($US): 29.00 (printed+electronic) $19.00 (electronic only)
Press date: November, 2011

Printed issue availability: 2011/11 issue being mailed on January 3, 2012.
Electronic issue availability: Available for download.
Source code: Available for download.

November, 2011 - Number 23
Foxparse C Library for Handling Strings, Properties and Windows [[Oraduo Acharya]] A limited version of the Foxparse.fll C library was introduced in an earlier recent issue. This issue covers the full version featuring the complete set of advanced functions.

The C API was created to expand the limited choices for string handling, formatting and parsing offered by VFP9. Functions described earlier are all included in this issue, most with additional options and functionality.

Two new database related functions GetProperty and SetProperty can make any table dynamically extensible by storing and retrieving an unlimited number of row specific property assignments in a Properties memo field, just like the .scx form tables. There’s no longer a need to alter the hard table structure in order to accommodate a newly introduced entity which may even be only sparsely used.

Also in the full version are a suite of window manipulation routines which address windows strictly by their window handles, making it possible to perform tasks simply not possible using VFP commands and functions. For example, now you can determine the true height and width of the external perimeter of a window in pixels which would be very difficult to do with VFP, if at all.

Another example is you can open a text file with Modify File and change the window title to a friendly title, even in Wait mode operation. This is just not possible using VFP alone. Foxparse is in C, allowing for maximum speed and tightly knit, compact code. Foxparse allows you to accomplish complex tasks often in one statement that would require chained calls to multiple functions or involve long, ad hoc coding in VFP.

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