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The Business Case for Visual FoxPro in 2013 (electronic only)

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by Whil Hentzen
ISBN: 978-1-930919-72-3
Length: 22 pages
Formats Available: Ebook only
Printed book format: N/A
Ebook format: PDF (240K)
Price ($US): 10.00
Weight: 0.0 lbs.
Press date: November, 2012

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So you're contemplating VFP for a new project. Or perhaps you've got a 1/2.x application that is in dire need of an upgrade, and you're thinking that VFP is the best choice. But the other players in this situation aren't all in agreement. (Oh, THERE'S a surprise!) You need to make a business case to your management or your customer.

You could search for the Web for ideas, and spend hours wading through years-old discussions about End-Of-Life panics, irrational trial balloons floated by passionate but somewhat out-of-touch developers, and crafty presentations written by developers trying to justify their push to expensive 'solutions' that are more calculated to fill their pockets with ongoing maintenance revenues than are the best choice for their customers. Or you could stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you.

In the fall of 2012, I wrote a 4 page article outlining the business case for VFP in 2013, dispelling a few myths that are commonly trotted out when VFP is brought up, and reinforcing several benefits that we take for granted, but that others aren't aware of, have forgotten, or dismiss until they're explained. The response to that article was overwhelmingly good, and I've received many requests for more details. Since then, I've fleshed the business case to a in-depth 20+ page discussion of the pros and cons of using Visual FoxPro in 2013 and beyond.

I've explored more myths (and debunked them more thoroughly) and provided additional benefits and explained them in more detail. Then I discussed situations where VFP is not the best choice. Finally, I compared the work required to upgrade a desktop application to VFP with what would be needed to rewrite the application in another language.

Save yourself a bunch of time.

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