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Business Continuity and Estate Planning 2017/07/20
In which we're not getting any younger

(Excerpted from Hentzenwerke's latest book...)

Every developer has their list of favorite cartoons. A few faves are XKCD's “Johnny Drop Tables”, Dilbert's “I think mauve has the most RAM”, Sidney Harris's “I think you need to be more explicit in Step 2”, and Byte Magazine's “I hear they're doing amazing things with computers these days.” (No image found.)

Johnny Drop Tables
I think mauve... need to be more explicit...

But these all pale next to the classic (found on Page 3, Computerworld Oct 13, 1986) showing a cemetery on a dark, gloomy day where a woman and two young kids are standing in front of a freshly dug grave, and a man in a business overcoat is asking, “I know this may be an awkward time, but do you recall him ever mentioning source code?”

...mentioning source code?

In a morbid episode of “You can't make this stuff up”, I've inherited several applications over the last few years where the developer did literally pass away while on the job. In one case, the developer was aware that his time was short, and so had made some preparations for turning over his work; other recently departed developers were not so conscientious, and left their client base high and dry. Bottom line, don't be one of those guys. Leave your clients in a better situation after you're gone than they were in when you arrived.

This upcoming series of articles will give you a road map for doing so.

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